Monday, October 24, 2011

For Such a Time as This...

Last year I studied Isaiah, loved every moment of it.  Then once the book was over it was summer time and the posing question: What to study now?  New Testament, a gospel to see how all the prophecies were fulfilled, nope I felt led to study Esther.  The first half of the summer I spent breaking down Esther, and I started to want to be her, started planning if I ever get to have children one of their middle names will be Esther.  The overwhelming theme was prayer, preparedness, provision, and timing.  Some good lessons to learn.  So of course, as you are studying something, you see it everything.  “Ah!  I got stopped at those two red lights so I would be at the check out line at this particular moment to encourage this person in front of me!”  Little blessings of divine intervention become fully evident.  Well the next big one, I was NOT expecting!

My boss wanted to do something special for her and her husband’s 15 year wedding anniversary.  They have a 3 year old son and have not really had real time just the two of them since.  So, she got an idea for them to take a weekend trip to Gatlinburg.  They asked me to hold down the fort while they were gone.  Reece (their 3 year old son) had a party at the Little Gym that Saturday (July 23rd) night.  Reece is excited, I’m excited, I wanted to know what the whole hype over the Little Gym was about.  We get there, and there are mascots.  Fear settles in and we have to avoid the mascots at all possibilities.  We go into this little room to the side where they are trying to sell stuff.  I notice a laptop computer is showing pictures of Haiti…wait a minute that’s Sonlight…wait a minute that’s Alexa!!!  After a recent trip there in April and having adored her I was thankful for a time to catch up.  I told her I was hoping to come down again for a longer trip, maybe month!  She then tells me there is an open room in the single girls house and I should contact Carmen (the director) to see if there were any needs.  Instantly, my heart starts racing, poor Reece was just scared of the mascots…

That Monday (July 25th), I e-mail Carmen, wondering if she would even remember me!  Informing her how I ran into Alexa, and how she told me about the open room, and if there was any need that I could help out with for a month or so.  She quickly responds that I was an answer to prayer, her sister Cara, is pregnant and due in February and that they would need a substitute Kindergarten and High School Literature teacher for the spring semester.  At once, I go into my boss’ office and explain to her that I may be able to move to Haiti for 5 months.  First thing out of her mouth, “Oh, we will just do a personal leave for you and you will keep your job.”  WHAT?  REALLY?!  I then go to e-mail Carmen, ok what’s the next step.  I fill out my application, get my references (HUGE thanks to Dotty Harney, Patty Raisor, and Sandra Bastin for completing them in such a timely manner), by Friday July 29th I was officially moving to Haiti in November!

I don’t understand why God likes me so much!  Why am I so blessed to be able to have this opportunity to serve Him?  Over and over again through out that whole week, I could hear Him telling me, “For such a time as this…”  You weren’t able to buy a house because I am sending you here.  You don’t have peace about starting graduate school yet because I am sending you here.  I had you teach little kids last year to help prepare for the up and coming year.  I have provided a perfect way for you with work and timing to be able to go.  You were there in April to get to know everyone there and establish relationships.  So beautiful, we serve an amazing God!

So, I will be using this blog to keep you informed on my Haitian happenings.  Hopefully I will keep my enthusiasm below the annoying level.  I will tell you all about those beautiful kids that I will love as much as my heart will allow.  I will keep y’all updated on fun and interesting stories.  I will keep you updated on any way you can pray for Sonlight, or the people there (if you feel led).  I will also highlight someone I am missing back home once a week!  So keep an eye out, it could be you!

THANK YOU!  Thank you, for taking the time to read this.  Thank you, for supporting me in anyway you have.  Thank you for being you and influencing me the way that you have.  If I haven’t told you recently, I love you!

To God be the glory!