Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some EXCELLENT Students!

Everyday that goes by, I love these kids more and more.  I tell them that ever since I was a little kid, all I have ever wanted is to be a Mom.  I think that would be the best job around.  I tell them that God has not blessed me with my own kids, but He sure has blessed me with YOU!  And that for the time being YOU are my kids!!!  I love it when one of them gets hurt (that sounds awful, but...) and I can pull them to the side clean it up, give them a band aid, a hug and a kiss.  Or when they walk into the classroom  giving their morning kisses, and one of them decides to give me a BIG bear hug with it.  To quote Rascal Flatts, "I melt!"

Above are Stevenly and Anexcandre.  They are in Kindergarten and are twins, and they are very smart, leaders, responsible, and the other kids seem happier when they are around.  They are some of the first to raise their hands when I ask a question, to complete their worksheets ready to be checked, and of course first ready to go outside for recess.  I never have to worry about them or discipline them (even during bathroom time!).  They are just well rounded good kids!  Stevenly is left handed...I am so jealous!  Not to mention they are BEAUTIFUL!  I tell Anexcandre how beautiful she is everyday.  Look at her eyes.  And they may be brother and sister, but you can tell they are twins by how much they look alike!

Now let's get to High School.  I was most scared about the Juniors and Seniors, but I think I enjoy them the most.  I love being able to have real conversations with them.  Below is Yvory (pronounced E-vory).  Holy moly do I love this kid.  Last week he had a cold and would blow his nose in the middle of class, when he did it made a loud horn sound.  I told him he made me miss my dad because that's how he sounds when he blows his nose.  I didn't know that was such a big deal until everyone started laughing...oops.  He is also left handed like my Dad so I said that he doubly reminded me of my Dad.  I didn't know that was funny but apparently it is.  Saturday I had the Juniors and Seniors over to watch Moby Dick, always a good time.  After the movie they stayed over a little longer to talk.  Yvory told this hilarious story of an old man and his dentures falling out while talking.  This is him in the middle of the story...I loved his facial expressions.  Then I also said that he reminded me of an old man with his mannerisms.  Well by golly, they thought that was funny too!  And poor Yvory his new nickname is "Grandpa-Yvory".  He quoted Moby Dick and said, "May God forgive you!"  It was HILARIOUS!  I loved having them over.  I love being able to open up my home, make some yummy treats and spend time with them outside the classroom.

The last group that visited brought some seeds that would be able to grow vegetation here in Haiti.  I am trying to grow tomatoes, sunflowers, and soy beans let's hope this works out!

And, Roger and Norma Alexander (the family that started Sonlight) have 6 six children (3 of which live here).  Last Sunday, they lost one of their daughters, Lori, and it was completely heartbreaking.  It was sudden, and she had a daughter, Riley who is 9.  Her husband passed away in an accident 4 years ago, so now Riley at 9 has had to experience the death of her father, and now mother.  Thankfully, she comes from a wonderful family and will definitely be taken care of.  If you think of it, please pray for comfort for the Alexander family.

Thank you so much to everyone!  I love you more than you know!

To God be the glory (in everything!)!!!!

PS Don't worry Giants fans, you will beat the Patriots in the Superbowl yet again because I am a Patriots fan.  I can already see the newspaper headlines in my head, "Belichick and Brady Unable to Win a Superbowl against Eli."  Sad day.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peace out Kindergarten, Peace out Miss Te-wa

When I leave from Kindergarten to head over to High School, I have started a little goodbye saying, and they love it!  I say, "Peace out Kindergarten!" (while doing a peace sign).  Then they repeat, "Peace out Miss Te-wa (Tara)...hehehe!" (while doing the peace sign).  It is unbelievably adorable!!  Here are some pictures from Kindergarten!

This is the classroom!  Please note Neissah picking her nose (middle of the left side)...haha!  Mme. Jim is reading a book about snow to them.

This is the left side of the room.  That is Mme. Herbert, she is the most encouraging aide, always giving them a thumbs up, rubbing their cheeks, and smiling at them.  It is my favorite quality of hers.  You can see the students names on their desks.  Hans (the boy pointing) LOVES to show off his english speaking skills (in the middle of class...)

Oh, Mme. Michel!!!  She is definitely pregnant, due the beginning of March.  She is also extremely uncomfortable, bless her heart.  This picture depicts her demeanor most of the time.

That is all for now...I will be sure to post more.  Thank you so much to each of you who have allowed and help me to be here.  I was monitoring bathroom time the other day and almost started tearing up I was so rekonesan (grateful).

I love you very much!  And of course...
To God be the glory!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dead Mice, Benjamin Button, and High Fives!

It has been a BUSY couple of weeks here in Sonlightville.  School is back into the swing of things, and I am officially teaching without Cara, I miss her!  I LOVE teaching these students and interacting with them, I just miss her she is a wonderful person to be around.  But to update y’all on my first week, it went as well as I think a first week could go.  No major mishaps to report.  (I did have a dead mouse in Kindergarten the first day, no big deal.)  Both classes were strangely quiet, which made me nervous.  Yea, that is completely done away with by now.

I am fully a relational leader.  I want to know you as an individual, connect, nurture and influence you in that way.  The silence made me uncomfortable, I thought great these students aren’t going to trust me to be their teacher, and think I am a goof.  Well, thankfully God created a moment (thanks to Evenson) that broke the silence last week and in High School, we laughed together.  Thank goodness!  From that moment on, the awkwardness of learning each other had been broken.

In Kindergarten, it happened during recess.  Rood Kendy fell on the concrete and started to bleed.  I helped him up, he cried into my stomach for a little bit as I hugged him, then we went into the classroom, hand in hand, to clean up and get a band-aid.  And my window to love those little ones became wide open.  Ahh gratitude!

Now I must recall Saturday, the 14th:
Alarm set for 7:30 to get work done.  Wake up 6:30 ready to go, so I go to the kitchen table for some Bible/BSF/Bible Study time.  9:00 shower and get ready to go down town to get a Haitian cell phone.  9:15 go to my chair to put on my make-up.  9:15:30 GASP, there is a dead mouse next to my chair, in my bedroom.  9:16 sweep up dead mouse and dump in the sewage line that lines my house.  10:30 get my Haitian cell phone!  1:00 BAKE all kinds of goodies, the juniors and seniors are coming over for a movie.  2:00 they show up, what movie do they pick?  Benjamin Button.  Do I cry in front of them and embarrass myself?  Yes.  5:30 students leave and time to clean up.  5:32 kill massive roach on kitchen floor.  6:30 go out to dinner with Alexa and Megan.  Taxi ride home, I think my driver was drunk because it felt like the moped was going to fall over any second, and he looked to the left instead of straight ahead.  9:00 work on my quilt, and watch Big Bang Theory (holy moly do I love Sheldon!) with Megan.  All in all, it was an AMAZING day.

Today we went to the House of Hope.  The hospital here that has an orphanage connected to it. It.  Is.  My.  Favorite.  I just love those kids.  So many are sick, malnourished, I just want to hold them, feed them, give them a nice warm bubble bath and play games.  A little boy showed me his silly bands.  After about 2 minutes of facial expressions, I got my to-do list out for the day, turned it over, drew a circle and we played a half, miniature-sized game of cornhole where he tried to get his silly band to land in said circle.  This attracted another little boy and a couple of girls.  We then moved on to a circle drawn on the wall, with trying to toss a bouncy ball inside of it.  Anytime anyone made it….HIGH FIVE!  Heart is currently melting just recollecting it.  I love it, something so simple, something I cannot keep count of how many times a day I give them, but a high five and a young little boy or girl beams.  God is good.

My Birthday was the best yet.  I received a lot of sweet messages and e-mails, thanks so much!!!  The juniors and seniors sang to me right as class was starting.  The kindergartners had a sign waiting on my desk, and Norma made my favorite cake yellow with chocolate icing…YUM!  Only thing missing was a phone call from my Dad and Grandma, that’s the hardest part about being here.  I miss my Dad talks.  A bunch of us got together to watch a movie recommended by Thom.  I cannot believe that was my Birthday movie.  Unless you want to feel confused, sad, twisted all at the same time, do not watch Dances in the Dark.  (Just kidding Thom!) 

(But really, don’t watch it.)
Hey guess what, I love you very much and miss you!  Pictures to come, I took some in Kindergarten today!

To God be the Glory!