Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something's Missing

I love life here, and am very thankful for the opportunity to be here.  It was probably because I was tired this week (and a little bit on the emotional side, cough, cough), but I was missing some things from home this week.  My family is by far what I miss the most, holy moly, especially my Dad.  I only see him about once a month, but sheesh, I miss daily phone calls (I also miss my constant Mom text messages).  The past few years he has become one of my best friends.  If I EVER need to talk something out, vent out my frustrations, or talk about something that made me overflow with joy: call Daddy Cell.  We talk every Sunday night, but it’s not the same. 

I am also a little sad because I miss my Aunt and cousins (Jimmy-Boy too, I guess :D).  My little cousins are growing up so fast, and I am missing it!  Nicholas is driving, Mariah is now 14, Madison will be a teenager soon, Mckenna is getting tall, Emily is in first grade and beginning to READ…holy moly!  I haven’t been to one of their sporting events in over a year!  I am actually thankful for facebook, it helps me to stay up to date.  In some ways I have felt guilty about being here.  Not seeing my family, not being able to help them out.  If anything I have felt as if I am burden to them.  But that is just satan and his lies…obviously.  Nothing about that is excellent, right, true, lovely, or praiseworthy.  DUH!

I miss BSF, I miss my Saturday morning meetings and the rich, scripture focused conversation that stems from it (and the Panera breakfasts afterward :D).  I miss being surrounded by excellent women who have been devoted to God, His Word, His people and who have lived it out! I miss the kids and Mom’s on Monday nights and all the hugs!  Surprisingly, I have not had very much scripture focused, challenging, though provoking conversations here.  But thankfully, God has provided a new outlet for that, I am pumped! 

I miss the girls I work with and their families!!!!!!  I miss meeting people at the arboretum and having walk/talks (God has blessed me with that here in Haiti though…AWESOME!)  I miss meeting friends at Orange Leaf.  I miss my Thursday night family.  I miss cooking/baking for them.  I miss meeting half way for Cracker Barrel dates.  :D

With all of that said, God spoke to me this morning.  I spent time in Hebrews 11-13, good morning if you ask me!  It never has before, but Hebrews 11:10 leapt off the page into my heart.

“For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.”

WOW!  Abraham, was willing to sacrifice his one son to God after be blessed him with Isaac because all he saw before him was the city that God built.  That was his focus.  Things of the world did not matter.  Then God reminded me of Philippians 3:20, my citizenship belongs in Heaven!  Not in Kentucky, or Haiti, but in Heaven.  This life is nothing but a vapor.  And He reminded me of one of the hardest scriptures I have ever had to swallow, Luke 9:61-62:

“Still another said, “I will follow you Lord; but first let me go back and say goodby to my family.”  Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.”

I remember reading this a year ago and thinking, I would miss my family so much that it would be utterly difficult to up and leave them.  Bu here I am, one year later.  But I want to live a life that reflects Christ that is not focused on storing up treasures here on earth that will wither away.  But storing up treasures for the Kingdom of God, to love anyone who God puts before me, to encourage them in the Word.  I love it when God speaks peace to me (it is always easier and more comforting to take than discipline :D)

God is good, I am thankful to be able to have a relationship with Him.  I pray that people see Him and not Tara Hibbs…she’s a loser without Him.  I love and miss you dearly.  Let me know how I can pray for you.  Imagine I just sent you a funny text message :D!

To God be the Glory, in everything!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Isaiah 60:5a

Bonswa tout moun!!  It is with enthusiasm I write this blog.  The past few weeks have gone smoothly, and I have had an overwhelming peace with life here, and every day I fall more in love with the culture, land, and especially the people!  I am starting to find my place, get into a routine, and my personality is coming out, so thankful!  

Isaiah 60:5a says: "Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy."  I constantly have moments where joy overtakes me, and I call them "Isaiah 60:5a moments".  I have them all the time here in Haiti. I am thankful God sent me here.  I canNOT imagine my life any other way right now.

I have recently started regularly visiting House of Hope.  This week I met, Reginald.  God is so good people, I have always had a soft spot for deaf people, I want to make them feel loved and to communicate with them.  Thus, I know enough sign language to carry on a basic conversation.  You know when you are surrounded by people you cannot communicate with, but there is one person you can, you hold onto that person.  This is what happened with Reginald.  We walked around, signed, and got to know each other.  He followed us out as we left to wave good-bye.  Friday, I was visiting a sick student and was near the hospital.  He was outside saw me across the street, we waved, came over and we talked while I waited for my ride.  My heart was full!!  Then yesterday I went to the hospital again, and he showed me a book he is studying on David.  He showed me the verse he is trying to memorize from Deuteronomy.  I am going back Wednesday and we are going to play cards.  I downloaded two different ASL books to brush up on my sign language.  Below is Reginald.

Now I want to tell you about my Juniors.  Holy moly, it is hard to find the words to express how much I love them.  They are good kids, that I love being around.  Kindergarten is fun, I get all of my wanting to be a mother out with them.  Then it is time for Writing, and the beginning of an hour and half with my jolly Juniors.  Fiona had malaria last week and ended up missing the whole week of school. we all went to her house after school on Friday to see how she was (she is doing well and will be back at school tomorrow).  We rode a tap-tap together, trip there - hilarious.  Our driver was rambunctious, driving down an unpaved dirt road with numerous "pot holes", 14 people in his truck bed, and driving 40 mph.  Our butts lifted off the bed by 2 feet at least three times.  I wish you could have heard the laughter coming from Cashna, "Me-Zanmi!!!"  "Oooo....HAHAHA".  And heard Laud Ancy's belly laugh, loved it.  It was scary, exhilarating, and definitely an adventure never to be forgotten.  We spent time with Fiona, then headed back.  The tap-tap ride back was much fuller, I had a seat in the back looking ahead and I had the perfect view of each of my students.  I watched them interact, laughing with each other, I kept thinking, "Thank you God for bringing them into my life, I adore them."  Then Ayvory (whom is now known as Grandpa Vo-Vo) started singing, and I was saddened I didn't have my camera.  His facial expressions with his eyes bugged-out, arms flailing in the air, while rapping in a steady rhythm.  Oh I love that boy.  Below are my juniors, my heart melts.

And some good news!  God has lead me to return next school year!  I'll be able to see these beautiful faces graduate!

Please be in prayer for my ability to learn creole, I am doing somewhat better, but communication can still be a frustrating barrier.  Also, be in prayer for quick recall with my sign language.  That God will continually remind me of John 3, that I will forget myself and He will increase and I will decrease.  Thank you for everyone for your support.  E-mail me any prayers you may have, I will gladly petition.

To God be the Glory.  Forever, and ever.  Amen.