Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm here!

Day 2 of school is complete!  And I am completely in love.  Sonlight truly is a special place, it is hard to describe.  A friend described it as a little piece of heaven on earth.  And while that can be a cheesey phrase that is often overused, it really is.  Encircled by turmoil, and pain, Sonlight is a safe haven.  Kids love and want to come to school.  They wan to learn and they want to excel.  It is where they will experience love and grace, they will hear an encouraging word and know that someone cares for them. 

And we all knew it would happen, but i has!  I have found that one child that if I could bring home, there would be no hesitation.  His name is Bonard, he is in the kindergarten class.  And he has the chunkiest, cutest cheeks yet he is so petite. He has a smile that warms your heart and you instantly want to give him a hug.

Then in High School today, two students read their critiques of novels they have recently read.  I was impressed,  and clearly you could see their personalities in what they read and how they interpreted their books.  Evansen was scientific and back and white (typical male).  Baradina was heartwarming, you could tell how the book made her feel (typical female).  She also used one of my favorite life lesson sayings, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  I adored it.  High Schoolers are reading The Scarlet Letter, and are contemplating the story and its meaning.  “It is done,” was read today and they all immediately went to when Jesus said, “It is finished.”  :D

My high fives have already begun with kindergarten…uh oh.  I am loving the transition of starting my day in kindergarten and ending in High School.  It is a great difference to keep my ADD brain focused with a change up.  (Big Brother did you like my Baseball terminology).

THANK YOU to ALL of you who went out of your way to make me feel loved my last 2 weeks.  I hate goodbyes and am terrible at them, so thank you for making me feel loved.  I have never felt so loved!  And currently I am still in awe of God blessing me with the opportunity to be here.  All the missionaries who were here already, such a blessing to be able to learn from them, they are some astounding people.
I love y’all so very much!
Facebook message me or e-mail me how I can pray for you!
To God be the Glory.

PS Funny side story:  I came home from school yesterday and there were 2 pigs outside our gate eating in the sewage that lines the streets.  One was probably 150# the other 50#.  I thought, welome to Haiti.