Monday, June 18, 2012

Is this real life?!

I have been back in Kentucky for three full weeks now, and it has been a crazy-busy three weeks without a moment of free time.  It has been fun and difficult at times, but the “life is but a vapor” has complete new meaning.  I feel as if life is not real, I am just walking (or running) from one place to the next not absorbing anything.  I am just a vapor floating from one space to the next, the Scripture has become more literal. 

I am very happy to be back in the States, I cannot tell you how happy I am to see people, to be able to call, and to work in the Hospital and see my Saint Joseph family.  But I have gone nonstop after work trying to see as many people as I can.  And my Granny is about to enter Paradise, and my Dad is not taking it well, he is stressed out and not talking.  The one person that I talk to the most on this Earth is just unable to communicate.  It is hard to communicate that yes it is sad she is passing, but she is on the brink of something far greater!  I have coveted her a few times, but then I am reminded of Philippians 1:21-26.  Too many different things at once, it’s hard to balance.  And the past few days, I have truly missed Haiti.  I miss the people, I miss my students, I miss the work, I miss walking around, I basically miss my life down there.

So, as I feel like a hamster running in a circle, I am praying as I go to church on Sunday night, “Father, I miss connecting with You, I miss time with You.  I miss Your Word, I feel as if I am not even here.  I miss Haiti, you know it is all I think about.  I pray that this service will be a rich time of worship that will fill me for the week.”  THEN God showed up!  Jon, shared work that is being done at Sonlight, and showed pictures of Sonceneter where I taught High School everyday, he shared stories of the Market and the way he described I thought to myself YES that’s it!  I remember going down to the Market, and just being goofy as they yell at you trying to get you to buy something and just yelling back with a huge smile on my face. As Jon is sharing, I start tearing up.  THEN, it is time for worship and we sing “Forever Reign”, which I think is safe to say was a theme song for the spring semester.  Gepson and Stephen translated the song into Creole and, Haitians loved the song, and it is fun to sing in Creole.  I was just blown away.  To say that God answered my prayer for a rich worship time is an understatement.  And then I was able to come home and spend a whole hour and a half studying, then God kept me up to spend another good hour in prayer.  So thankful for Sunday night.