Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's Time for Time to Fly...

I just got off the phone with my dad, and we both talked about how it is the time of year for time to fly by.  With every moment filled with some activity, it's hard to notice the the hours going by (and before you know it an entire month!)  This weekend, I spent EIGHT hours grading essays, tests and written assignments alone.  Then an additional four hours preparing for the week.  It was productive, but didn't feel productive because I had to be on my bottom the entire time.

Last weekend was more thrilling.  Alisha, Merlande, and I went to visit Mme. Bob, and we played the Haitian card game Carwo (sp? - no clue!)  We had so much fun just laughing at each other!

And fun for Alan (in second grade) attempting to take a picture.

We then ate dinner at a new restaurant called New Generation, just some fun girl time.  We have moved our Wednesday night discipleship time to this new hot spot, thanks to the air conditioners!

They have American television!  I was able to watch a little baseball!  If my memory serves me correctly, I want to say it was Detroit vs the Yankees.

Well, the Patriots finally got  a "W" today, I was able to hold a baby during the entire church service, talked to my dad, had time to read for fun, and my air conditioner quit working (currently 95 in here!)  All in all, a good day.  Here's to praying for a new week.

Love in Him.


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  2. I didn't feel productive bc I had to be on my bottom the entire time"
    I'm glad you got to hold a baby and watch baseball! I hope your AC is fixed soon!!