Saturday, February 22, 2014

11 Things That Made Me Smile This Week...

1.  Watching my students work on homework and a taxi drives by; they pause to sing and dance with the song they love.
2.  Filling up a coke for a girl in my Bible study, and she says, “Thank you, friend.”
3.  Starting the Nehemiah study with my Bible study girls, and their excitement about “homework” and studying on their own.
4.  Starting the Nehemiah study and the rich discussion of having compassion for those around us afterward.
5. Being thankful for two wise women God is allowing me to learn from everyday.
6.   Letters from sweet friends.
7. Helping students with diagramming sentences on a Saturday morning.
8. Working out with friends, when the workout instructor is ridiculous!
9.  Friday night TV shows with sweet friends.
10. A teacher receives a Tim Tebow book and sends it to me to read first.

11. Group members from last week run into Home Free (love them!) in the airport, and tell them about Haiti and me!

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